Wednesday, May 4, 2016

5/4 Dismal Swamp to Portsmouth, VA

We started our day in the Dismal Swamp.  Usually, you only see pictures of bright sunny days but today was not one. The reflections in the Dismal Swamp Canal were beautiful though.  The Dismal Swamp Canal is a NO WAKE zone so we leisurely traveled to the Deep Creek Bridge and Lock for an 11:00 am opening and locking through.  First, we crossed into Virginia.  Just like on a highway the signs, there is a sign welcoming you to Virginia and this one is reflected in the water.

Our second lock of the loop was the Deep Creek Lock.  This is what is looks like when you are in a lock waiting for the lock to drain water so you can go through on the other side. 
The lockmasters had designed this lovely garden.  The lockmaster said their banana plants would give them bananas this summer and that the propeller, shells, etc. had been donated by boaters using the locks.

This sign on the other side of the lock told you all the places you could go North and South.  Boston, Baltimore and Washington to the North and Wilmington, Miami and Key West to the South.

The Dismal Swamp and Canal was very peaceful.  It does not prepare you for the end where you enter the Chesapeake Bay at Portsmouth, VA.  It is a very active port.  We waited for a railroad bridge to open and I was surprised when a barge captain came on the radio and told all the recreational boaters that we could go through the bridge first.  That was so nice!  Portsmouth is home to the Navy.  Naval helicopters are flying overhead and naval ships are being refitted.  It makes are little boat seem so small.

Our plan for tomorrow is to begin heading north on the Chesapeake.
Lat 36 degrees 49.90 North
Long 76 degrees 17.77 West

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