Wednesday, May 18, 2016

5/18 Delaware City, Delaware

We had a quiet "down day" today.  In the morning we did boat chores, checked the water in batteries, the filters in the engine and heat and air conditioning strainers, and dusted the cabin, etc. 

Delaware City is a tiny town, but an enjoyable one day event.  The Delaware City Marina is located on an old section of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal that is narrower than the one used today.
The marina is very nice and has a nice garden on the side with interesting art work.

Here is the view this morning in the marina.  It is so pretty and relaxing.  Little spots like this exist all over the American waterways.
We walked around the town.  The town is small and the walk was pleasant. They have kept part of the old locks as an exhibit.
The town grew up in the 1800's because of trade between Philadelphia and Baltimore in the Delaware River and Fort Delaware.  Fort Delaware mostly held prisoners during the Civil War.  It is located on Pea Patch Island between Delaware and New Jersey.
Most of the buildings and homes on the waterfront were built in the 1800's.  The Central Hotel is a good example.

There is a very nice promenade that goes from the marina to the very small but quaint downtown.  But it is the land of double entendre.  For lunch, we ate at Crabby Dick's.  The marina has given us coupons for two crabby balls with the special sauce.  The menu looks like a newspaper with the headline Crabby Dick for President.  Crabby Dick's campaign manager is Seymour Dick.  Let's just say there are more examples.

For dinner, we walked up to Clinton Street.  I am not making this up. We went to Lewinsky's on Clinton.  I had pierogis and brussels sprouts that had an amazing vinaigrette. They had drink specials, like the little blue dress martini.  I did not have one.

Lat 39 degrees 34.31 North
Long 75 degrees 35.41 West

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