Tuesday, May 31, 2016

5/30 Memorial Day in Poughkeepsie

Happy Memorial Day
Barb and George have been the best harbor hosts.  Barb chauffeured us to do a full shopping.  We stocked up on heavy items.  She even helped us lug them to the boat.  We dropped mail at the Post Office.  After a lunch of cold cuts on Arthur Avenue bread, Barb and I headed out for a walk on the trails of the area.

From the marina, we picked up one of the trails that led to the downtown waterfront.  In the picture below, Barb is standing in front of the Mid Hudson Bridge and further in the background, the railroad bridge park.  In the early nineties, some forward thinking people had the idea to make the unused railroad bridge into a trail that connects on both sides of the river to trails for biking, walking, etc. 
Barb and I left the marina walked along the path and took the elevator to the trail on the railroad bridge.  It was a lovely day, warm with a slight breeze.  Many folks were celebrating Memorial Day with their families.  The elevator operator told us that on Friday they had counted 1400 visitors that used the elevator. 
One can get on the trail at either end without using the elevator, so the count was much higher.  From the bridge, we could see the trains on either side of the Hudson, and loopers and other boaters going under the bridge.  In the picture below, you can see the boats in the Shadows Marina, including ours, although it looks small.

When we were walking back to the marina, we ran across Mallory and Jimmy, Barb and George's niece and her husband.  We had a drink at the Ice House with them which is right on the shores of the Hudson.  They are 6 months pregnant and it is so nice to see how excited they are.

Barb and George had a Memorial Day feast of lobsters and Italian sausages with corn on the cob and potato salad.  Those lobsters didn't have a chance as Barb and I cracked through them in no time.  They were delicious.

We returned to the boat and the Mid Hudson Bridge was lit in red, white and blue in commemoration of Memorial Day.  A perfect ending to a wonderful day.

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