Sunday, May 15, 2016

5/15 Grandkid day on the Hydrophilic

It was a very windy day with wind speeds gusting to 35 but at least it was sunny.
   Everyone was tired last night and went right to sleep after a squirt of whipped cream from Grandpa, a family tradition.  We awoke to a very windy day and had pancakes for breakfast.

Alicia joined us for church and we walked to St. Casimer.  Alicia lead the ducklings down the dock.

John and Grandpa had a good time on the dinghy. 
John and Grandpa on the dinghy
Sarah was the Captain of the Dinghy even though it was cold out there.  She also helped with boat chores like filling the water in the tank and unfurling the American flag.

Captain Sarah

Madeline liked having lunch on the fly bridge, because the sun made it warm and we were out of the wind.  Grandpa played games with M&M's and whipped cream as prizes.  Madeline liked that too.
Madeline poses on the dinghy
Aunt Alicia was a great crew member on every dinghy trip.
Catherine came to collect the grandchildren so they can to school tomorrow and I miss them already.
John bundled up in his life jacket
Lat 39 degrees 16.53 North
Long 76 degrees 34.67 West

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