Friday, May 20, 2016

5/20 Atlantic City

This day was full of new experiences for the Hydrophilic.  On the loop, most people go out into the ocean to move up through New Jersey.  So for the first time, the Hydrophilic went out the Cape May Inlet into the Atlantic Ocean and cruised up to Absecon Inlet, which is where Atlantic City is.  The waves were less than 2 feet and it was a comfortable ride.  There was still a lot to see as we passed the south Jersey shore.
Two large fishing vessels were hard at work.  They seemed to be transferring fish from one vessel to the other.

Finally, we could see Atlantic City in the distance.
We arrived at Absecon Inlet and headed to the Farley State Park Marina.   The Marina is at the base of the Golden Nugget Casino.  Another looper saw our boat entering the marina, and snapped this picture of the Hydrophilic and emailed it to us.

We had been having some trouble with our batteries holding a charge.  The marina gave us a recommendation and the fellow came out and fixed our alternator belt and we are good to go. 

For dinner, we went into the casino for pizza.  We got a chance to walk around.  From the pool level on the 6th floor, one can look down at a great view of the Hydrophilic.

We may be here a couple of days because they are calling for small craft warnings for the weekend.  And there is live music on the deck of the casino, so we get a free concert.

Lat 39 degrees 22.69 North
Long 74 degrees 25.64 West

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