Wednesday, May 25, 2016

5/25 Up the Jersey Shore and the Parade of Ships

Today, is the start of Fleet Week in New York Harbor.   Ships from the Navy and Coast Guard will be docked in NY for tours.  There will also be tours of some ships of the Royal Canadian Navy.  Some ships, like the USS Bataan are amazing in size and what they do.  The USS Bataan has 1300 crew and can land planes and helicopters on its decks.  It also can launch amphibious vessels on to shore.  Also available for tours are the destroyers, USS Bainbridge and USS Farragut.  The Parade of Ships was today.  The Ships were going to go through the Verrazano Narrows and around Manhattan.  The ships were out off the coast of New Jersey lined up for the parade.  While we couldn't get that close, seeing these huge ships even many miles away was impressive.

The seas were calm, the sun was bright and the weather finally turned warm as we headed north from Manasquan past Sandy Hook. Someone announced on the radio that they saw a whale but we never saw it.

We are staying south of New York Harbor tonight and tomorrow. Before we turned to the West to Great Kills Harbor, we could see the skyline of NY in the distance.
A former looper and current Harbor Host, John C. arranges for loopers to stay at his yacht club, the Great Kills Yacht Club.   John had completed the loop with his wife many years ago.  He seems to take us all under his wing.
 This harbor is very protected.  The docks are beautiful and well maintained.  There are several looper boats here tonight.  We met up with Rod and Susie from Myrtle Beach on their boat Bee Haven again.  We had met them in Solomon's Island the first time.  We had a delicious dinner and enjoyable conversation together at one of the nearby restaurants.  Who knew Staten Island could be so peaceful and scenic?

Lat 40 degrees 32.70 North
Long 74 degrees 8.18 West

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