Tuesday, May 17, 2016

5/17 On to Delaware What did Della Wear?

The winds had laid down so we awoke early and pulled out of Baltimore Harbor just as the rain started.  We were able to look back on Fort McHenry, with the same view that Francis Scott Key had in 1812.  The wind was barely moving the flag.
Today, we traveled north to the end of the Chesapeake and through the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal to the Delaware River.  The seas were calm but the rain was relentless. 
Rain to Port

Rain to starboard
Along the C & D canal were some large farms.  I generally don't think of Maryland or Delaware as farming states.
The boat below, we saw at dock.  This is the Delaware Responder and can go anywhere in the world to respond to oil leaks and fuel spills.  It can clean up 18,000 gallons in one hour!!!  Glad to know that she was not needed right now.
Delaware Responder, a spill container
Our goal for the night was Delaware City.  We are in the Delaware City Marina and settled for the night but it is still raining hard.  We think we will stay here tomorrow and then go to Cape May, New Jersey.

So what did Delaware?  A New Jersey!!!

Lat 39 degrees 34.32 North
Long 75 degrees 35.41 West

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