Sunday, May 29, 2016

5/29 Up the Hudson, West Point, and on to Poughkeepsie

My sister, Barb, was on board to join us for our ride up the Hudson. 

It was a very warm day with highs in the 80's but a very pleasant breeze.  Barb quickly became expert at identifying logs that could hurt our propeller and checking the navigation buoys.  The Hudson did have a lot of logs and other flotsam.  We were going against the tide.  It might have been a slow ride but it was so pleasant.  The Catskills rose from the water.  Because of the terrain, this area is not very heavily settled so the view is what the native people and the early explorers saw.

US Military Academy at West Point rose out of the mountains.  One can see how this location was selected to the protect the river. 

I loved the Army Sailboat moored in their harbor.
Further up the Hudson, there is a collapsing castle, Bannerman's Castle, that used to act as a munitions depot.  It fell into disrepair and  large portions collapsed in 2009.  It is on an island with no access roads, so we got unique pictures.
Barb kayaks on the Hudson and showed us the location of some of her favorite spots.  Alas, we did not bring our kayaks with us.
Trains run up and down the Hudson.  The Metro and Amtrak passenger trains run on the east bank  and freight trains run on the west bank.

The freight trains are VERY long with many containers piled two high.

We docked at Shadow's Marina.  This is in the same complex with the Shadow Restaurant and the Grandview.  My niece, Teresa and her husband Rich has their wedding reception there last Memorial Day weekend.  Barb's husband, George, met us on the docks and took us back to their home.  George grilled perfect steaks.  Corn on the cob and potato salad rounded out a delicious dinner.  They were kind enough to allow us showers and 3 loads of laundry,  For those on the loop, being able to do laundry without quarters is so special.

We will spend the next few days here.  Barb got me a hair appointment and the four of us are going to dinner at the Culinary Institute of America.

Lat 41 degrees 41.80 North
Long 73 degrees 56.48 West

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