Thursday, May 12, 2016

5/12 Oh say can you see On to Baltimore

We awoke this morning and it was not raining, but it was VERY foggy.  We navigate using charts and chart plotters that show us where the markers are located.  Markers are like guard rails so you do not run aground.  AIS is something that shows other big boats, mostly big commercial tugs and barges, and what directions they are going.  So even in the fog, one can see.  If it is really bad, we do have radar as well.

There was fog under the bay bridge which also emits a fog horn.  It sounded eerie.  But we made safe passage under it.
Under the Bay Bridge in Fog
It was a day for bridges and the next bridge we passed under was the Francis Scott Key bridge.  "Oh say can you see..."
Francis Scott Key Bridge in fog
Under the Key Bridge is the very busy Baltimore Harbor.  In addition to the commercial vehicles, there are many sailing vessels and chartered boats.

Fort McHenry guards the entrance to Baltimore Harbor.  It is easy to see how Francis Scott Key could see the battle and that "our flag was still there".   Our marina is right across the harbor from Fort McHenry.  Tomorrow, we will tour the fort.  From our slip in the marina, we have a great view of a Baltimore icon, Natty Boh.  Since the 1930's, he has represented the National Beer Company, which is now owned by Pabst.  It is as very local beer with 90% of its sales in Baltimore.  Natty Boh's visage, with just one eye, hovers over the city from Brewer's Hill and he lights up at night.
Fort McHenry

Natty Boh

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