Friday, May 6, 2016

5/06 to Deltaville

Wolf Trap Lighthouse

So last night we had another first.  We settled in at the dock safe and sound but no real amenities nearby.  John looked on line and ordered Chinese take out for delivery to the marina.  The delivery man seemed amused to deliver to a marina.  They did not include fortune cookies in the order.  I was hoping our fortune was fair seas ahead.

We had hard rain all night but when day broke although it was raining, the winds were done and the so were the seas. 
We headed north on the Chesapeake to Deltaville.  The seas stayed mostly at 1 foot and got somewhat higher as the day progressed.  It was rain and fog all day.  Below are pictures representative of the skies to the east and west of us all day. One should have seen land to the west most of the day but we did not.   It has been chilly too.  The highest it got today was 58 degrees.  The heater on the Hydrophilic works well and we put it on twice to take the chill off.
Skies to the east

Skies to the west and one should see land.
 The first picture is the Wolf Trap Lighthouse. It is often photographed on the Chesapeake because of its unique design.  You usually see it photographed on a beautiful sunny day with blue skies without a cloud in the sky.  John and I have given you an opportunity to see it in fog and grey skies.  The other lighthouse right near Deltaville is the Stingray Point Lighthouse.  It has a green triangle on it, which is quite unusual.  The fog picture below does not do it justice.

Stingray Point Lighthouse

We arrived at Doziers Regatta Point Marina in Deltaville.  Deltaville is one of those towns that has many more boats than it has people.  This Marina is well appointed.  Once we got snug in our slip, we borrowed one of their courtesy cars to go into the little town about 4 miles away.  The Table was our first stop.  At the marina they told us they had good pastries and that they had other foods to eat in or take out.  After one look at the meatloaf, John was sold.  So we took a meatloaf which we finished cooking in our oven on the boat, some potato salad, two brownies, and some fresh out of the oven sourdough bread.  The clerk asked if we wanted some of their famous honey butter with that.  How could we say no?   The meatloaf was fantastic and we each have serving left for lunch tomorrow.  The sourdough was excellent and the honey butter was perfect on it.

Our next stop was the grocery store, that was small but had everything we needed, milk, fruit, etc.  You are not supposed to drive the courtesy car past the grocery.  It has the Doziers logo on the side and my guess is everyone in town knows that.  The last stop was the Ace hardware to find a little mat for John to put his shoes on in the salon, so I don't trip on them.  It seems to work.  The shoes are there and not right by the door.

Heading back to the marina, we saw Lovers Lane.  John got the picture.  He is so romantic.
Lat 37 degrees 33.61 North
Long 76 degrees 18.79 West

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