Thursday, May 5, 2016

5/05 Mile 0, the Navy and Nosing out into the Chesapeake

Last night we stayed at the end of the Elizabeth River.  This area of Portsmouth and Norfolk, Virginia serves the Navy.  As we headed north today, we passed Red Marker 36, which indicates Mile 0 of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway.  This is as far north as the Hydrophilic has been.

 Commercial boat traffic abounds with huge ocean going container ships, barges, and tugs coming and going in all directions.  The military ships are the most impressive though.  The Nauticus Museum is right on the waterfront in Norfolk with the USS Wisconsin floating next to it.  It gives you perspective as to how enormous these boats really are.  Pictures do not do them justice.
USS Wisconsin and the Nauticus Museum
US Naval Hospital Comfort can be moved where Care is needed
For those of you that boat, how would you like to dock these 3 ships together?  Sarah, do you think you could dock these navy ships?
The Navy works on lots of ships here.  Here is a picture of a dry dock.  Dry docks work like locks.  The dock has water in it.  The ship is floated into the dock and the water is pumped out so they can work on the ship.

The wind was mostly from the North and kept increasing.  Our original goal was about 50 miles away.  The waves made for a very uncomfortable ride.  Most of the items stayed put but a few items, like our water bottles, went flying.  Thankfully, I was wearing my patch, so I did not get sick.  We found the Back River on the map and headed in to take shelter.  I really wished my daughter, Christine, who works for NASA was with us.  Further up this river is Langley, and they have a dock but you must be military or retired military, DoD or NASA employee to use it.  We tried to raise some of the other marinas here and after repeated tries finally we were able to get one of the marinas on the phone.  It is not luxurious but we are tied up and comfortable.  It is supposed to rain soon and hopefully, the winds and the waves will be less tomorrow. 

Lat 37 degrees 5.84 minutes North
Long 76 degrees 17.57 minutes West

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