Thursday, May 19, 2016

5/19 Welcome to New Jersey

What a beautiful day!!  It started out somewhat overcast but then the sun came out and followed us to Cape May, New Jersey.  We spent the day in the sun on the fly bridge.
From Delaware City, we headed down the Delaware River to the bay.  To the west, the shore was dotted with farms.  The river is wide and deep and used to transport all sorts of items to Wilmington, Delaware and Philadelphia.  The various vessels passing us were amazing and HUGE.  One had two items on a barge being towed.  In this first picture, you can see how far the tow is from the barge.  In the second picture, you can see how very big those things on the barge are.  They wouldn't fit on a regular truck going up Interstate 95.

Another ship we passed had two enormous cranes.  The Combi-Lift company has a fleet of heavy lift vessels of various sizes around the world.  Their headquarters is in Bremen.

The tanker below was unique because between the tanker and our boat was a fishing boat.  That boat was probably 26 feet long.  It looks like a toy boat by comparison.

On the waterways, you see lots of things that you don't see on the highways.  Today, we passed the Salem Thermo Nuclear Plant on the Jersey side of the bay.  It was so tall and the steam went so high in the air that you could see it for about 20 miles.
Finally, I can show you Ship John Lighthouse, with a sunny sky in the background.
On the southeastern shore of the Delaware River, we turned into the Cape May Canal.  In no time, we were snuggled into our slip at Utsch's Marina.  There we were welcomed with Blueberry wine, biscotti and handmade pomergranate and mango soap.  There are several other looper boats here too.  It is good to hear everyone's stories and plans.
Cape May

Lat 38 degrees 57.06 North
Long 74 degrees 54.33 West

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