Friday, May 13, 2016

5/13 Alicia boards the Hydrophilic, Fort Mc Henry

Our daughter, Alicia, is a Captain in Baltimore Harbor.  It was Alicia's idea to name our boats Hydrophilic.  This morning, Alicia came aboard with bagels.  It didn't take long until John had her working on the anchor.
Alicia working on the anchor

John and Alicia and the Hydrophilic
The rain was pretty relentless again this morning.  Alicia drove us to the Water Taxi.  The Water Taxis are really a transportation system that takes passengers all over Baltimore Harbor.
Water Taxi Boat
We took it over to Fort McHenry.  If you ever get a chance, take this tour!!   At the visitors center, they show a film, where you learn many details of the War of 1812 and the Battle of Baltimore.  As the film ends, the screen raises as they begin the National Anthem.  You are now looking out over Fort McHenry with the flag flying.  It was very moving.  As you walk around the fort, you look out over the harbor, where the English ships shot their cannons on the fort.  Life for the soldiers and sailors at the fort was not easy.  Francis Scott Key was on a boat in the harbor trying to negotiate with the British.  In the morning after the battle, he and his compatriots saw the American flag being hoisted over the fort.  As the flag was being raised, the soldiers played Yankee Doodle.  Of course, the National Anthem had not been written.
Fort McHenry
After our tour, we took the water taxi back to Fells Point.  We passed the sailing vessel Pintita.  I did not get a picture of her.  A few years ago, John and I sailed with her then owner Capt. Phil in the Caribbean.  It was fun to see her under sail.   We had lunch and walked around Fells Point.   Baltimore has done a fine job of maintaining the colonial architecture.  Under Armour has their global headquarters in Baltimore at Tide Point.  Its founder played football for the University of Maryland.  Domino Sugar has a plant in the harbor too.
Architecture of Fells Point
The water systems of Baltimore and the surrounding areas are old and many rivers run off into the harbor.  Baltimore has worked hard to clean the harbor.  Most of the trash is not thrown into the harbor but is thrown in streets where rain run off puts it in the harbor.  They have put in a trash wheel at one of the rivers and have trash boats, that work like street sweepers to grab the trash.
Trash Boat
We headed back to Canton where our marina is by Water Taxi.  Alicia was working on the Harbor Connector today.  Look carefully, that is Captain Alicia on the Harbor Connector.
Captain Alicia on the Harbor Connector
As we headed to the Canton stop, we could see the Hydrophilic in our marina.
Can you find the Hydrophilic?
About 4:30 the sun came out!!!!   We hadn't seen it for days.  Everyone is so excited!!  Here is a picture of Natty Boh in the sunshine.
Natty Boh

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