Thursday, May 26, 2016

5/26 Swans and Brioschi

An absolutely beautiful day on Staten Island.  It was in the 80's bright and sunny.  We washed the boat and it is shining too.  We are still at the Great Kills Yacht club.  The flags they fly were so pretty in the morning sunlight.
The folks at the marina recommended that we try Frank and Sal's Italian Market for great food.  It was within an easy 1 mile walk.  What an amazing place.  I had not been in such a place since I was a child.  The fresh Italian bread was amazing.  I did not need to tell them to slice the salami thin.   I bought a small pannettone and Italian pastries for dessert and tortellini salad.  Yum!  When I was checking out, I noticed that they sold Brioschi.  Brioschi is an Italian lemon flavored treatment for gas and heartburn.  As a child, it was given to us to calm our stomachs.  When you put one of the crystals on your tongue it bubbles and tastes good.  The sales clerk was kind enough to pose for a picture for this blog.
Walking home, I saw several things that caught my eye.  Here is a weather vane of a sailfish from atop one of the houses.

But the neatest thing I saw was a a pair of swans and their seven cygnets.  Yes, baby swans are called cygnets.  Swans mate for life and both the mother and father swan take care of the babies.  The cygnets leave the nest and start swimming one day after they are born.
Hurricane Sandy hit this area hard.  Much of the waterfront has been rebuilt but there is still evidence of the damage done.

Lat 40 degrees 32.71 North
Long 74 degrees 8.18 West

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