Monday, May 2, 2016

5/2 Elizabeth City

Ducks in the Harbor planning their course
Yesterday, just as we were pulling into the Elizabeth City Harbor, the Coast Guard issued a securite warning that the Elizabeth City Bridge just north of the city docks was stuck in the down position.  The Hydrophilic needs close to 20 feet for us to go under a bridge and the clearance was only 4 feet in the down position, so we were not passing that bridge.

The Elizabeth City Welcome Center opened and gave us information to take our own walking tour of the area.  John and I walked the area.  There were many instances of fine and unusual architecture.  This one in right on the corner of the waterfront and it is for sale.  The Colonial Oil Filling Station with the original blue tile roof was built in 1931 for the Pure Oil Company and was first known as The Auto Fountain.
Colonial Oil Filling Station

It was a warm day in the mid 80's and very humid, even with a good breeze off the harbor.  After lunch John rested and I decided to walk to the Organic Grocery.  When crossing the street, I missed the curb and landed splayed out on the sidewalk.  My pride was hurt and I left a good deal of my skin on the sidewalk.  I was amazed that two cars stopped to make sure I was OK.  It was so kind of them.  When I got to the grocery and asked for some water for my tissue to clean up my leg, the employees gave me alcohol wipes to clean my leg and band aids.  The world really does have good people in it.

The Visitors Center had a wine and cheese reception at 5 pm for all the boaters on the docks.  Each woman was given one of the roses from the rose bushes.  There were interesting people here.  One sailboat had infantry soldiers from England.  They have been doing different legs of a journey that will take the boat back to England.  There are many loopers some who started in Michigan, Florida, etc.  We met one couple who are Gold loopers.  That means they have already completed the loop once.

Everyone watched the bridge maintenance crew all day.  At 5:30, they were able to open one half of the bridge and will be operating on a normal schedule tomorrow.  The forecast is for rain and I hope it will not be too bad.  If we do take off tomorrow, we will be going up the Dismal Swamp route.  The Dismal Swamp Canal and lands were once owned by George Washington.  I hope to learn more about the history so I can share it with my grandchildren when they read this blog.  Also there are two locks to go through. 

Lat 36 degrees 17.90 minutes North
Long 76 degrees 13.11 minutes West

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  1. So sorry you fell. Glad you're okay and that the world was kind to you. Living vicariously through you!