Saturday, May 14, 2016

5/14 The Backmeyers Visit

Thanks to Alicia, who took me for my Mothers Day gift.  I may be on a boat but my nails look great.  She also took us to the grocery store as we prepared for the visit of the Backmeyers.  Before they arrived John and Alicia had a Captains meeting on the back of the boat.
The day had been sunny but the clouds arrived and we had today's rain.

Catherine and Stephen arrived with Madeline, Sarah and John.  The kids will stay on the boat tonight. They helped us to hoist a pirate flag.   We had a special bottle of North Carolina Blackberry Juice to celebrate and they loved it.

John was sitting in the captain's chair and wanted to drive to North Carolina.
Sarah likes boat chores. She helped to hoist the pirate flag.  She closed up the fly bridge and covered the American flag at dusk.
Madeline helped me to install the new fender tenders that they gave me for Mother's Day.  Madeline says she likes the boat because we live on it.
We will have fun tomorrow.

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