Monday, May 23, 2016

5/23 The Gambler

It was a mostly cloudy day.  The high winds and seas are going to change overnight, so we will be going to Manasquan tomorrow.

So today we took care of a few tasks.  We filled the water tanks, did three loads of laundry, and John signed us up for the AGLCA fall rendezvous at Joe Wheeler State Park in Alabama.  The rendezvous will be in October and it is hard to believe that we will be in Alabama then.  The registration opened at 10 and by 10:30 more 100 had signed up for the event.  That is about 1/2 the available slots.

After some more boat chores, we had a late lunch in the Golden Nugget Casino.  Then it was planning time.  We outlined a schedule where my sister, Barb, will join us in NY harbor and come up the Hudson to Poughkeepsie.  What a great way to spend Memorial Day.

Neither of us felt like dinner, so we went to the casino for dessert.  John had cake and I had truffles.  We took our 40 cent voucher and added $10 to that and played the slots.  The first one we played was The Gambler.  Can you get a row of Kenny Rogers for the big win?   Here is John playing The Gambler slot.  When we cashed out there to try another machine, Kenny Rogers voice said, "You know when to fold 'em".
So we walked around and played several machines.  It wasn't long when we had 8 cents left on our voucher.  On the way out, we gave it to a lady who was very gracious as if we had given her much more.  We had some senior citizen Jitney tickets left and gave those to another lady who also was graciously thankful.  All in all a fine day.


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