Wednesday, May 11, 2016

5/11 Annapolis

Maryland State House at night
Yes, more rain today.  Noah is a becoming a good friend of ours.  Last night we had a strong thunderstorm with lightening and heavy rain.  While the thunder woke me up, the sound of the rain on the boat is similar to a rain stick and is very soothing.

We left Solomons Island and headed to Annapolis.  Once again it pretty much rained all day.  As we pulled out of Solomons, Drum Island Light was on our port (that's left for you landlubbers).  Check out the picture that got the light of the lighthouse shining.

There is a huge gas dock that sits in the Chesapeake not far from this lighthouse.   The sailboat going by it gives some perspective on just how big it is.
Heading north to Annapolis, we passed the Thomas Point Light, which is frequently photographed.  Once again we were able to photograph it with cloudy skies.
Thomas Point Light
Annapolis is the state capital of Maryland.  The State House welcomes you to the harbor.
We have visited Annapolis for the huge sailboat show a few times.  It was fun to enter the harbor in our own boat.  As you enter the harbor the United States Naval Academy is on your starboard.
US Naval Academy Campus
We are on a mooring ball in Annapolis harbor.  A mooring balls float above concrete bases that are very heavy and don't move.  Instead of using your anchor, one puts two lines from your boat through the pennant (looks like a pigtail hanging off this one) and you rest comfortably for the night.  We cooked chicken and spinach for dinner.  Yum.  Yes, you can eat well on a boat.
Mooring Ball with pennant
It is raining so hard that we had a visit from ducks on the dinghy on the back of our boat. 

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