Saturday, May 21, 2016

5/21 What do Baltic, Ventnor, and Atlantic have in common?

We planned to be safe in a slip in Atlantic City today.  Boy, I was glad we were.  We had a couple of nice things to start our Saturday.  On Saturday mornings, we skype with the Reicherts in Houston.  Anna has more loose teeth.  Abigail enjoyed hiding in her closet.  Alicia calls us on Saturday mornings too.  She was captaining a sailboat charter that was a bachelorette party and was hoping the rain would stop in Baltimore long enough for the charter to run.  As it turned out, the rain cooperated with her wishes.

The rain rolled in hard to Atlantic City and right now the winds are at 20 knots gusting to 35.  At the marina, we can use all the Golden Nugget amenities, so I took advantage and headed to the gym for a good workout.  The rain started on our way back from taking our showers.

John made meatballs and sauce for lunch.  It was good to have a nice warm lunch on such a cold raw day.  It is May 21st.  I did not expect to be wearing jeans, long sleeved shirt, fleece, rain coat and my winter hat.

Atlantic City has a Jitney Service that runs every day 24 hours a day.  It runs on fixed routes and is very convenient.  We hopped on right outside the Golden Nugget and took it to St. Nicholas Church for the 4 pm. Mass.  The Church was built in 1903 and was very ornate and beautiful. 

The Jitney ride there was an adventure.  The driver made tight turns and must have hit every pothole in the state of New Jersey.  These buses seat 13.  This particular one had no shock absorbers.
After Mass, we walked down to the Trump Taj Mahal.  It seemed appropriate given the presidential candidates.  It was very opulent.  Elephants stand guard at the entrance.

Everything is Taj Mahal themed.  We did try our hand at the slot machines.  I look at it as we spent $10 to have some fun.  My sister, Barb, suggested we get cheesesteaks at White House Subs, an Atlantic City institution.  We took her advice and enjoyed them for dinner.
After dinner, we hopped the Jitney back to the State Park Marina at the Golden Nugget.  The weather tomorrow promises more rain and does not bring calm seas, so we will stay put tomorrow too.

Baltic, Ventnor, and Atlantic are all streets in Atlantic City.  All the streets in the game Monopoly were named after the streets of Atlantic City.

Lat 39 degrees 22.70 North
Long 74 degrees 25.64 West

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