Friday, July 8, 2016

7/8 A quiet day in Britt

The forecast was for rain so we decided to have a quiet day at the dock at Wrights Marina in Britt.  We did laundry and other boat chores.  The rain held off until about 6:30 pm.

The Canadian Coast Guard came in for supplies.  These young people work in the Coast Guard for the summer and go back to their university classes in the fall.   They are stationed in Britt near the Lighthouse.  They patrol a huge swathe of the Georgian Bay coastline and are the first to be called for any problems.  They work as a team of three and work two weeks on and two weeks off with another team of three.  They were enthusiastic young people.  Here they are with their provisions on board and ready to head out.

All of the marinas here in Canada are neatly appointed.  This is just one of the gardens along the waterfront of Wright's Marina.  Reminds me of the marina garden back home.

Depending on the weather, we may move on tomorrow or the next day.  Everyone we meet tells us the best views are yet to come.  And they remind us about bears.  Here at the marina, all the bins are bear proof, too.  The bins have signs that indicate how to use them and that they are bear proof.

Because we could tell the rain would hit right at dinner, we rented the courtesy car for one dollar and drove to the one restaurant in town.  Again we had a nice, pleasant meal.  We got another piece of that great apple pie that we had last night too.  The air cooled off considerably after it began to rain.  We are snuggled into the boat for the night.  Hope the rain stops in the morning. 

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