Friday, July 15, 2016

7/15 The Benjamin Islands

We awoke to a cool and rainy morning.  We took off toward the Benjamin Islands.  The winds were out of the North and we had been advised to use the anchorage at South Benjamin Island which was much more protected from the North. 

I love the way islands and landmarks get named.  Some are for politicians, some for families of note, but the Sow and Pigs Rocks seem to be named for sows and pigs.  Maybe they do look like it?

We took a right at Sow and Pigs and headed into the anchorage.  It was still raining and blowing, but with our new Rocna anchor, we held on the first dropping of the anchor.   We spent a quiet afternoon waiting for the weather to improve.  We pumped up the dinghy and did a repair on the pump attachments.  Lastly, we did detail planning on our course to Blind River and then to Drummond Island, our next two stops.  Drummond Island will be where we check back into the USA. 

We got jealous having this anchorage to ourselves.  First, a sailboat joined us.  Then a flotilla of seven PDQ catamarans that we have seen along the way joined us too.  The anchorage has plenty of room for all.

The anchorage views are stunning. There are no bears though.  The trees are all bent toward the east by the heavy west winds.

Tomorrow we head to Blind River.  Blind River will be the furthest north we go on The Great Loop.

Lat 46 degrees 4.93 North
Long 82 degrees 15.29 West

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