Tuesday, July 5, 2016

7/05 to Parry Sound home of Bobby Orr

This morning was bright and sunny and we headed to Parry Sound.  We are still winding our way through the rocks.  Parry Sound was not that far away, but we knew we would have to wait for a swing bridge to open.   So in a wider and deeper area, we shut off the engine and floated while John took a dip.  The water here was about 100 ft. deep.  The water so clear you can see John's feet in the water.
The swing bridge opened and we headed into Parry Sound.  We docked at the Big Sound Marina.  After lunch, we walked a stone's throw to the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame.  Bobby Orr grew up in Parry Sound and lives here now.  The Hall of Fame is located in the same building as the Performance Art Center.
The Hall of Fame is well done with lots of activities.  We were lucky that no school groups were going through so John and I got to play.  In addition to all the Bruins memorabilia, they had lots of memorabilia from Bobby's teams in Parry Sound.  The Hall of Fame had the suit he wore when he carried the Canadian flag to lead the Canadian delegation at the Vancouver Olympics.  One of the Canadian astronauts took one of Orr's shirts and a puck up on the International Space Station.

The videos were terrific.  They had a statue of the famous Boston Herald picture of Orr hovering above the ice.
They had pictures of the old Boston Garden and the #4 hung in the rafters.
You got a chance to play announcer as they would play a highlight clip and you could record yourself announcing it.  John nailed it!!  I think his next job could be hockey announcer.

They had a very cool hockey game to play; I beat John 2-0.  There were two games that were the most fun.  One the goalie was  on the screen and you shot at him.  It recorded your speed and whether or not you could score on the goalie.  John scored on him twice.

There was a game to practice accuracy in shooting by playing tic tac toe.   I have no accuracy.

After the Hall of Fame, I walked around Parry.  Just last month, they erected a statue to Francis Pegahmagbow from the Shawanga First Nation.   The history of this Chief was written in three languages.

I walked up the nature and exercise trail passed the Canadian Coast Guard station for all of Georgian Bay.  It was huge but did not allow visitors.
Buoy at Coast Guard Station

Guard House at Coast Guard Station

I walked out to the end of rock outcrop and got this picture of the vegetation trying to take hold in the rock.

Downtown had many nice shops.  Like Midland, Parry had two murals that depicted their history of logging and trains.

Looking back to the harbor was a view of the train trestle. 

At dinner, I got this picture of a train going over the trestle.

Tomorrow, we plan to anchor out at night on our way to Britt, Ontario.  We may or may not have the ability to blog.

Lat 45 degrees 20.21 North
Long 80 2.40 West

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