Saturday, July 9, 2016

7/09 Another quiet day in Britt

The morning promised heavy rains and thunderstorms.  The day delivered them.  We were glad we opted for one more day in Britt. 

We took advantage of the time to sketch out our travels through the rest of Georgian Bay and the North Channel and entering back in to the United States.  There are so many fine anchorages and little villages to visit.  So the decisions were not as easy as it might sound.

I got two horse fly bites yesterday, one on my left elbow and one on my right leg.  Both swelled up but the one on my left elbow swelled all the way down to my wrist to the point that I had to take my watch off.  So I am full of Benadryl and feeling like a nap at any minute.

We rented the courtesy car for 1 loonie again this afternoon and went to the 4:30 Mass at Holy Family Church just down the road past the Post Office and the Nurses Station.  It was built in 1898.  The town has only 500 residents.  The town was established first as a logging community and later in the early 1900's was active in the Canadian Railroad.  The small church was built with many stones including a stone grotto on the hill next to it.  The grotto was dedicated to Mary and also had a lighthouse.  The cross at the top of the church was like the tops of all the pines here and is at angle due to the heavy west winds.

John took this picture of wildflowers.

After church, we returned to the one restaurant in town for dinner.  Tonight, they had homemade blueberry pie on the menu and both John and I had it.  We will miss the pies.

Tomorrow, we plan to drop anchor in the Bustard Islands.  Everyone recommends the Bustards, as they call them here.  Should be a great anchorage.

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