Sunday, July 10, 2016

7/10 The Bustards

The Bustards anchorage off the back of the fly bridge
We woke to a fabulous day, sunny and in the 70's.  We said our good-byes at Wrights Marina and set a course to The Bustard Islands.  Navigation through the small craft channel on Georgian Bay can be tedious.  Though the view is spectacular at every turn; the twists and turns and narrow channel portions consume much energy.  They call this narrow part of the channel Roger's Gut, yes that is GUT not CUT.  I think that is because your have to have guts to go through it.  The markers are about 2 boat widths apart.  And yes, those are rocks on either side.

We also saw a group of people on canoes.  We are not sure where they put in as everything is so spread out that they could have come from any direction and any one of the many islands around us.

After completing the slalom course, we slipped between Northeast Point and Northeast Island to enter one of the anchorages of The Bustard Islands.  The anchorage goes in quite a way, then there is a very small channel for a dinghy ride.  With no other boats present, we anchored at the end.  The pictures below are views from a few vantage points on the boat.

We took a dinghy ride through the small channel to the other side of The Bustards.
We passed one boat.  We had hoped to see a bear on shore as we have been told this is bear country.  I was not willing to go ashore to look for them though.  It was fun to be on the dinghy so we could explore some of the long coves and around some little islands.

After getting settled back on the boat, the loons began to call.  One right near the boat made a very loud cry and made me jump. 

Well, as I said, we haven't seen bear, deer, or moose, but we have seen bugs!  Mosquitos seem to respect insect repellant but the huge biting flies (horse flies, greenie meanies) and those triangular flies have no respect for repellant.  While my left arm is less swollen and itchy, I still can't get my watch on.  In the meantime, two of the triangular flies got me when were on the dinghy.  Stock tip-buy all the big pharma that make Benadryl, I am a fan.

Lat 45 degrees 53.87 North
Long 80 degrees 53.79 West

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