Friday, July 22, 2016

7/22 Lake Huron and Lake Michigan and Fort Michillimackinac

What a beautiful day!  It was sunny, warm, and windy.  We walked along the lake shore and under the Mackinac Bridge.  We saw the bridge looking out over Lake Huron and then looking out over Lake Michigan.  It was unexpected to see all the sand beaches without salt water. 
Lake Huron

Lake Michigan
As we walked along the shore, the town of Mackinaw City has supported artists to carve statues of historic figures and people who gave to the community.  The statues are carved in one piece from Michigan white pine.

Along the shore, we passed the  Old Mackinac Lighthouse.  It was used until the 1960's.

A little further down the shore was the Michillimackninac Colonial Village and Fort.  They were fascinating.  The interaction of the French and British traders with the Ojibwa and other native peoples were examined.  The trade took place mostly in the late 1600's and through the late 1700's.   It was amazing that the trade was accomplished in 40 foot canoes!  Gun cases, barrels of flour, and gifts for the native peoples were shipped in.  Furs of all types were shipped out.  The Colonial Village has been an archaeological site for over 50 years.   Buildings that have been reconstructed have basements that were excavated and are included in the exhibit.  Excavation continues today.  Items from buttons to irons were on display in the underground exhibit that highlighted the process of historical archaeology.  One of the buildings was the priest's home and the church.  The church altar was elaborate.  The docent said that many of the large items like the altar would have been broken down and sent in several shipments on the canoes and then rebuilt. 

As we headed back to the marina, we passed the Weinerlicious.  We had to have hot dogs for lunch.  They were good and we had fun. 

In the afternoon, I noticed the boat Annie in the marina.  I had taken their picture by the De Tour Lighthouse.  I met Don and Kerry and shared the picture with them.  They were happy to have it for their blog.

Yesterday, an educational sailing vessel came into the harbor with a girl crew from Michigan High Schools.  The Inland Seas is an educational venture that sails the Great Lakes.  The regular crew gave us great ideas of places to stop along the way in Lake Michigan.

Tomorrow, we plan to head to Petoskey.  Our mail should be waiting for us there.

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