Sunday, July 24, 2016

7/24 Sunday in Petoskey

It rained hard in the early morning and we woke to a warm and humid day.  We skyped with Anna and Abigail in Houston before heading to downtown for the 10 o'clock Mass.  Mass was standing room only.  We were not the only vacationers there.

It was bird day by our boat.  When I walked out the back, quickly this Canada goose came swimming over.  Clearly, he was disappointed that I did not have a treat for him.
On the next finger slip over, the gulls had lined up into the wind.

After lunch, while John napped, I explored the town.  What a neat town it is!  My first stop was the post office to mail a letter then on to explore.  There were all sorts of upscale shops.  There was a deli that sold their own mustards.  I had to buy their hot and spicy mustard that is just excellent.  In another home goods store, I found the perfect sized ramekins to replace two that have broken along our way.  In one store, they were $15.00 a piece.  I found them in another store for $3.75.  Yeah.

There are little green spaces throughout the town.  I took a picture for a family from Detroit who was trying to get the whole family in one picture.  The Perry Hotel is a famous hotel for this area and looked lovely.  You can see Lake Michigan in the background.  This was across the street from where I met the family and caught a Pokémon.
  On Tuesday, we will rent a car and drive to Traverse City to see a little more of Michigan.

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