Thursday, July 28, 2016

7/28 Another day in Northport, MI

We had a significant storm last night.  Thankfully, we had decided to keep the air conditioning on and our windows and hatches were closed.  The skies were still pretty grey over the lake when we woke up.

When we came in yesterday, within 2 hours three different people had told us to have breakfast at Barb's Bakery.  So we walked the two blocks to town to try out the donuts and cinnamon buns.  They were terrific.  My sister's name is Barb so I had to get the picture to send to her. 

The skies finally cleared while John was doing marina planning for our trip down the shore of Michigan.  The Northport Harbor looking over the Great Traverse Bay was so pretty.
 The Marina looked beautiful too. 
For lunch, we walked uptown again.  The afternoon was warm and after my walk around town, I walked to the beach.  The beach is right beside the sailing school and it was fun to watch the various sailboats darting back and forth.
I went for a swim in Lake Michigan.  The water was very clean and clear but brisk. 

Towards evening, Loopers George and Caroline from the boat Lydia E walked past our boat.  I had bought a bottle of Michigan wine and they joined us on the fly bridge for some wine and cheese.  It is so nice to share experiences with other loopers.  George and Caroline are originally from Maine. 

Tomorrow, we head to Leland, MI. 

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