Friday, July 1, 2016

7/01 Canada Day

We are here to celebrate the 149th Canada Day in Canada.  The weather was not going to cooperate.  The Midland town parade assembled at the dock but the skies let loose with rain and wind.  The bagpipes and drums led the parade of fire trucks and ambulances up King St. to Little Lake.  We waited for the rain to subside some and after lunch, headed out to see the Huronia Museum and the festival at Little Lake.
Band playing at Little Lake.  The female singer was my hair stylist yesterday.
The Huronia Museum included history of the Ouendat and a village of  Ouendat life between 1500 and 1600 prior to the arrival of the Europeans.  Evidence was shown of the Ouendat as far back ad 1100.  Each of the Huron Nations has their own territory and traditions.  The museum also shared the local history of the railroads, ship building, and growing and shipping of grain.
Inside a longhouse.  About 30 family members would live in a longhouse.

Longhouses were large to allow for drying and storing grain

A sweat lodge for healing

Drying rack for pelts.  See the Palisades in the background to protect from wolves and bears and strong winds and snow.
The museum is located at Little Lake so we walked over to the Canada Festival.  The weather had lightened the turn out.  This lady was making the biggest bubbles and delighting the young and old.
The bubbles were created with sticks and string
The Little Lake complex also included the Curling Club building. 

We saw more of the murals in our walk around town today.  Some of the murals are on the second story of the buildings.
Fishing in Midland Harbour

Benjamin Moore Paints- a recreation of the first in-store advertisement

Midland Harbour and Pier in early 1900's

Great Lakes Cruises from the Georgian Bay Lines

Saw Mill-this is above Lilly's Italian Eatery

Winter at the Harbour depicts the 1920's and 30's where horses were used to break the ice for the ships to get closer to shore

Woman at sewing machine with mill in background

The nearby Wye Marsh and the Jesuit Martyrs Shrine in the bottom left corner

Butter tarts are really such an item here in Canada.  We got a good laugh at this bag for sale.  We have turned into true Patrons of the Arts.  The winds have really picked up and we will stay in Midland at port tomorrow too.

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