Tuesday, July 12, 2016

7/11 Bad River Anchorage 7/12 Killarney Mountain Lodge

Haven't heard from us?  Well we have been off the grid.  As promised, we are now in Little Current and have good internet so I am adding pictures.
Bad River
On 7/11, we took a short voyage from the Bustards to Bad River Anchorage. We passed the lighthouses of the Bustards on the way.
Bad River is a very sheltered anchorage with pink granite walls.
It is known for its rapids that run from the northwest.  On YouTube, there are many videos of people running both up and down the rapids with their dinghys.  We took our dinghy to investigate.  We decided the cost of a new propeller or worse, a dinghy engine, was not worth the short excitement.  It was very pretty though.  One of the boaters told us they had seen a bear on shore that morning.   We have been on bear patrol with no luck.  We didn't post as neither of us had any connectivity.  John took a swim but the water was chilly.

Lat 45 degrees 56.89 North
Long 80 degrees 58.36 West

Killarney, Ontario
I didn't know there was a Killarney except in Ireland.  We left Bad River and headed out into Georgian Bay to head Northwest to Killarney.  The wind was out of the south and created large waves that we had to take on the beam for about 7 miles.  When finally we could turn to take them on the stern, I was grateful.  Then, the route took us behind Philip Edward Island through Beaverton Bay to Collins Inlet.  Collins Inlet was very narrow and the rocks began to get much higher along this portion.  It seemed like if we were going to see bears this would be the place.  It was just a majestic place. 

We docked for the night at the Killarney Mountain Lodge.  This is a fine lodge.  In addition to the marina amenities, they have a hotel, fine dining, a coffee shop, and a heated pool.  It is a year round resort catering to sportsmen and their families.
I continue to get a kick out of seeing the signs for the docking of aircraft.

We ran into the boat Ocean Commotion.  We had last seen them in Maryland.  Mary Lou had seen a bear two days ago.  I am jealous.   Red Adirondack chairs are ubiquitous and John snapped this picture of relaxation.
For dinner, John had a burger but I had crispy duck breast and a duck leg and thigh confit.  Yum.

Lat 45 degrees 58.14 North
Long 81 degrees 30.54 West

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