Saturday, July 23, 2016

7/23 On to Lake Michigan to Petoskey

We chose our weather well.  It was a beautiful, warm day as we left the Mackinaw City Marina and headed under the Mackinac Bridge.  We have been on Lake Huron in the marina.  Under the bridge, Lake Michigan begins. 
Heading under the Mackinac Bridge
Suspension from the Huron side
Under the Bridge
Looking back at the bridge from Lake Michigan
The winds were low and the lake was flat.  We could see for miles.  At first, we headed west to round the tip.  There is an abandoned light house, but you could tell it served as the end of many waypoints, including ours. 
We rounded the light house and headed south staying about 3 miles off the Michigan shore.  We passed Sturgeon Bay, Michigan (there is a Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin too) and headed into Little Traverse Bay.  The light breeze was even lighter as the sun beat down.  It was really warm for the first time in a while.

We arrived at Petoskey City Marina.  The harbor is very nice.  The Petoskey Light welcomed us.  It is on a jetty.  There were lots of adults and children jumping off the jetty on this hot day.  The town layout is great with a playground and park right on the waterfront with a clock tower and bell.
We had our mail forwarded to the Petoskey Town Hall and it was waiting for us in the Marina office along with some water filters that I had ordered from Amazon.  Great service.

We had not eaten lunch so we opted for an early dinner.  There are signs that point you to Downtown, shopping, and restaurants taking a viaduct under a road and up the hill to town.
On the way back from dinner, I got this photo of the park walkway that ends at the clock tower and framed the light house in the harbor.
The temperatures are supposed to be in the high 80's and low 90's  tomorrow.  There is a municipal beach on the other side of the jetty.  I hope to give it a try.

Lat 45 degrees 22.61 North
Long 84 degrees 57.56 West

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  1. I just sent a former student of John's to your blog and I hope you hear from him. He came in the office to visit John. YOu two look wonderful. When you mention places, can you add the state? My geography isn't very good. Also, how far along are you would you say, 1/3 or the way? I truly enjoy reading your posts and your photos.