Monday, July 25, 2016

7/25 Another day in Petoskey, MI

Last night after I blogged, all of a sudden, the fog rolled in.  We have heard that the fog can roll in quickly on Lake Michigan, and I believe it now.  This first picture is with the fog last night. 
This picture is looking across Little Traverse Bay this morning.  What a difference.

Today, the winds were up and the seas were choppy.  In the afternoon, after I did some shopping, I walked out on the jetty to the Petoskey Light.  I got this picture of the waves crashing over the jetty with the light in the background.
I also walked all the way to the light for a close up picture.

This morning we toured the Little Traverse Historical Museum.    It is located in the original train station for Petoskey and is just a short walk from the waterfront.  They are very proud of Ernest Hemingway, who vacationed here as a boy and set some of his early writings in the area.  Petoskey stones are unusual stones in this area.  The stones are fossilized coral and have patterns from the coral embedded in them. 

I walked up the falls where Bear River empties into Lake Michigan.  The bridge over the falls was decorative.
The water rushing past on its way to the lake was so relaxing. 
Back on the waterfront, there were several people flying huge kites.  They had seven kites in the skies.  They had them staked in the ground because they are so hard to hold.  Some of them were 19 feet across.

We rented a car and will go to see Charlevoix and Traverse City tomorrow.  The ride along Lake Michigan promises to be scenic.

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