Wednesday, July 6, 2016

7/06 At anchor in Hopewell Bay

Snug Harbor Lighthouse

Our plan for today was to go to one of the many anchorages tucked behind all the islands of Georgian Bay.  We decided on Hopewell Bay as our target.

The winds and waters were calm and a very nice day for a cruise.  We left Parry Sound Harbor heading North and West through Parry Sound.  Yesterday, I mentioned the large Canadian Coast Guard base.   Today, we were treated to a great view of the base from the water.

We wound our way following the channel and keeping a sharp look out for the few landmarks that are not rocks with trees on them.  One of the landmarks is an abandoned light.  No longer used for navigation, it is now a nesting spot for these birds.

We passed Snug Harbor.  It has one of the few true lighthouses we have seen. 
Snug Harbor has only has a marina and a grocery.  We headed on to a more isolated anchorage.
Eventually, we made our way to Hopewell Bay.  We found a protected anchorage, where we are all by ourselves.  The anchor held well on the bottom.  John dove on the anchor to make sure.  The water is so clear here that it was easy for him to see.  John swam around for quite a while.  I was a wimp.  I got in to my waist but it was cold.

The views are magnificent.  In this picture, you are looking across the water to the Shawanaga Indian Reserve.

Here are views of the shore with the reflections in Hopewell Bay.

There are birds and bugs but I haven't seen any animals on the shore, although I am on the lookout for bears. 

Tomorrow, we head to Britt, Ontario.

Lat 45 degrees 31.14 North
Long 80 degrees 25.53 West

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