Wednesday, July 13, 2016

7/13 Into the North Channel

We left Killarney this morning and headed into Killarney Bay and headed for the North Channel.  It was a warm day and the route was somewhat protected by islands.  The North Channel is not as wide as Georgian Bay.  The granite here is very white.
In no time, we were passing the lighthouse on Strawberry Island.  After we passed another boat, we got the nicest surprise.  A gold looper boat (one who has completed the loop) noted our burgee and called us on the radio.  We switched off channel 16 and had a great conversation.  He gave us tips on anchoring in the Benjamin Islands, which is one of the stops we plan to make.  He was so nice to share his welcome and his local knowledge.
Looking across at Manitoulin Island, we saw about 20 windmills along the top of the north of the Island.  With the winds, we have experienced it seems like a good idea.  Then we headed to catch the 12 o'clock opening of the Little Current Swing Bridge

Through the bridge, in Little Current there really was a LOT of current.  I was surprised to see a cruise ship docked in town too. It turns out that they offer tours of the Great Lakes.  One cruiser I spoke to had joined the cruise in Montreal and was going to leave it in Sault St. Marie. 

We plan to reprovision here tomorrow so I set out this afternoon to see the town.  At one end, there is Low Island Park.  It is on the site of a 1800's sawmill.  The remains of the sawmill are still visible.
The park has a protected beach and dock for swimming. 
The park had a skateboard park, several soccer and baseball fields.  Knowing how Canadians love their hockey I got a kick out of this court that had a basketball net in the middle but hockey goals at each end. 
At the other end of the waterfront, they had a replica of the Bird Cage Lighthouses that Great Britain used in the area when they ruled  the area.

I scoped out the grocery stores and the shops along the waterfront.  This small town like so many others has a soldiers memorial from World War I and II and Korea.

John and I had dinner at the Anchor Inn looking out on the water.  Dessert was ice cream right waterfront, where we could watch the Hydrophilic on the dock.

Lat 45 degrees 58.99 North
Long 81 degrees 55.65 West

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