Wednesday, July 27, 2016

7/27 to Northport, MI

It rained hard last night and the morning air was fresh and clean with light winds.  We said good-bye to Petoskey and cruised out of Little Traverse Bay and across the mouth of Grand Traverse Bay to Northport.  Northport is a small town with a population of 500 in the off season.  In the very small area museum run by the local historical society, I learned that the first school was built in the 1890's and the first high school in 1910.  The 2016 graduating class had 10 students in it.

The marina is at the foot of town.  In 1920, the train station was built.  It is now a personal residence with a caboose on the rails in the back yard.  The decorations are unusual but it welcomes all to the marina.

From another boater, I learned that all Native Americans can use the marinas in Michigan at no cost.  Below is the type of boat they typically use.  I spoke with the fisherman in the picture. 
He told me that the boat name Waabi-Maang meant White Loon in his native language.  He fishes primarily for whitefish that he sells commercially in Leland, Michigan.  He told me he occasionally fishes for trout.

I walked around town.  It is a very cute town with lots of art galleries.  Many were formal galleries with impressive artists' works.  One place was much kitschier. Among the antiques and refurbished items was this very rare Chairy Tree, a nod to the cherry trees of the area.

We plan to stay here tomorrow and enjoy the town some more.

Lat 45 degrees 7.76 North
Long 85 degrees 36.78 West

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