Saturday, July 16, 2016

7/16 Blind River, Ontario The Most Northern Stop on our Great Loop

Tonight, we are as far north as we are going on our Great Loop.  What an accomplishment!  We entered Canada on June 11, crossing Lake Ontario from New York and arriving in Trenton, Ontario.  Tomorrow, we will cross back into the USA.  We have had a great time in Canada.

Today, we woke to a chilly but calm and sunny morning.  The Benjamins were just beautiful.  Talk about a great view at breakfast!

It was perfect for the 40 mile cruise to Blind River from The Benjamins.  The North Channel water was mostly flat.  We had great views along the way.  The clouds almost seemed like they had been photo shopped into the sky. 

Just in case we might get lulled into not paying attention, the Little Detroit channel would take us to the Whalesback Channel.  It was suggested in all the books that we call a securite warning before heading through.  We did call and got through without incident or facing another boat.

Whalesback Channel could be called that because of the hills that look like a whale.

This picture is of Turtle Rock.  This one I get and it did look like a turtle.

From a long distance, we could see Blind River.  There looked to be a large silo of some type.

When we got into the marina, we learned that the silo was left from the saw mill that had been the source of the town incorporation in 1906.  It is actually a burner for the saw dust and scraps.  It hasn't been used in many years but is a very visible landmark for the marina.

Blind River also has a wind generator at the marina.

We walked up to town for dinner.  We crossed both the Trans Canadian Railway and the Trans Canadian Highway.  Neither was too busy going through Blind River.  This was the view from the marina looking out on Lake Huron. 
This town has also done some murals and here are two.

Coming back from dinner, we saw this muskrat in the marina.  At first, we thought it might be a beaver.  You can look on YouTube and see all sorts of videos on how to distinguish between them.  We watched several until we were sure.

So here are the Lat/Long for our location tonight at Blind River Marina, our most northern point on our Great Loop

Lat 46 degrees 10.71 North
Long 82 degrees 57.94 West

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