Thursday, July 14, 2016

7/14 Tucked into Little Current

Our plan was to stay today in Little Current to do some reprovisioning.  I am glad that was the plan.  The wind blew today.  Many who were anchored out came in to Little Current to get off the water and some shelter.  There are three looper boats that we have met elsewhere that we saw today.  So we stayed snuggled up to the dock.  John set our courses for the next several stops that will get us back in the good ole US of A.  We talked to St. Brendan's Isle after confirming that Petoskey City Hall and Marina will take our mail and hold it for us.  I also ordered another filter from Amazon for the water as it goes from the hose to our water tank to be delivered there.

We walked up the hill to the grocery store.  It was only about 15 minutes away.  On the way, we could see one of the wind generators in the distance.
I have an insulated bag from AGLCA that keeps food cold until we get it back to the boat.  So we could buy milk and other perishables.  We also passed the LCBO and got some coolers that you put in the freezer that are pretty good.  On the way back down to the marina, we were treated to this view of the harbor.

The afternoon was very warm and humid and windy.  We had the air conditioning going in the boat.  When John took a nap, I took an umbrella with me and walked east along the waterfront to a waterfront trail that led to the swing bridge we had come through yesterday.  The wind was pretty strong on the bridge.  Walking over the bridge gave me an appreciation for how sturdily it was built.  It was built in the early 1900's as a train bridge.  In the 1960's, the train no longer was needed for mills or coal so the bridge was abandoned.  Cars used a ferry up to this point.  In 1980, the bridge was refitted for cars, although it is only one lane, a street light controls which side goes over.  I took this picture of the Little Current Harbor from the center of the bridge.

When I got back to the boat, we gave the boat a good scrubbing.  Just in time too.  It wasn't long before the rain came.  It did cool it off some.  Tomorrow, we plan to cruise to the Benjamin Islands of the North Channel.

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