Saturday, June 11, 2016

Oh, Canada!!! Persistence or poor judgement

Let me start by telling you we ended our day in bright sunshine in Trenton, Ontario at the Trent Port Marina.  It was 85 when we arrived and is the nicest marina to which I have ever been!!!

But let me review the day for you.  We got up at 6 am to get a good start crossing Lake Ontario.  There were storms that were to come in the afternoon.  Here is what it looked like as we left the marina and headed for the lake.
The color of those clouds should have deterred us.  We were not on the lake long when we saw some lightening.  The fishermen who had told us it would be a good morning to cross called us on the radio and said not to go out and that they were headed back in.  We told them we were already underway.  Did we turn around?  No.  We set a course for Galloo Island which is about 1/2 way across the lake.  The seas kept building.  The wind was from the south so it was at our backs but started to blow.  The waves were mostly from our backs but also came across the side of the boat sometimes.  The waves grew to 4-6 feet.  YIKES!  The boat is sturdy and can handle the waves but I felt like cork floating in the lake.  After 3 and 1/2 hours we passed Galloo Island and set a course for the Upper Gap and Adolphus Reach.  We would pass Amherst Island and the seas should calm down.  There were two smoke stacks from the Power Station that can be seen well off shore.  We aimed for those smoke stacks.  As we got closer to shore and more protected from the winds by the islands off shore, the seas started to calm down to less than 4.   Once at the Power Station on Adolphus Reach the waves were down to 2 feet and eventually were calm and glassy.  Here are my favorite smoke stacks.
We followed the Reach to the Bay of Quinte (pronounced kwin tee).  What a charming area.  John said it was bucolic and industrial at the same time.  Here is a farm and an industrial plant of some sort.

The Youngs Point Ferry takes passengers and vehicles from one side of the Bay to the other.  They reminded me of our ferries in North Carolina.  This is a picture of the tiny town on the water on the more rural side of the bay.  It was very quaint.
Small, uninhabited islands dotted the waters.  The waters were clear and the air was fresh and finally the sun came out.
Finally, 11 hours later we arrived at the Trent Port Marina in Trenton.  It is a brand new marina and is excellent.  All the bathrooms are unisex.  Each private bathroom had its own commode, a rain head shower, and vanity sink.  They also have free washers and dryers and provide Tide and Bounce for you.  We had dinner in a fine restaurant just a short walk away.  We will stay a couple of days to see the attractions and get ready to do the Trent Severn waterway.

Lat 44 degrees 5.98 North
Long 77 degrees 34.34 West

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  1. I've gotten way behind! wow, I only wish your photos were bigger. What a wonderful adventure. I'm so happy you two are safe.