Friday, June 17, 2016

6/17 to Hastings, Ontario

Another beautiful morning here in Ontario.  I had a butter tart for breakfast and we headed to the blue line at Lock 13.  Because of the winds in the locks, at Lock 13 and Lock 15 they have you tie onto the cables on your port (left) side.  We were the first  boat in the lock today.  The lock masters raised us in the chamber, but when they went to open the lock to let us out, the bars they turn to open the lock had been locked out and they did not have the key.  This gives new meaning to being locked up and throwing away the key.  They called the lock ahead and someone came to open it.  Apparently, a disgruntled employee had been let go yesterday and this was his final prank.

The day was glorious.  We locked thorough 6 locks and the scenery was dramatic.  The navigation is relatively easy too.  You do want to stay between the markers, especially when they are posted on concrete!!

This area of Canada is called the Trent Hills.  It is a popular vacation spot for many.  Some of the homes had boat houses that looked like garages along the water.
I enjoy seeing communities that put up monuments at their waterfronts.  I don't know which one this was but it was impressive.
Lock 16 and Lock 17 are another of the flight type of lock where the front gate of one lock is the back gate of the other.  Those two locks took us up 57 feet.  When we were done and looked back we were in the tops of the trees down below.

We got a good view looking back at the dam as we pulled out of the lock.
After we locked through the Hastings lock, we pulled along their dock wall for the night.   The lock masters had a beautiful little garden at the lock.
Hub of the Trent  Welcome to Lock 18
This is a quaint little tourist town.  I loved the sign at this gift shop:" Gifts Home Body Garden Worms".  Is there anything else you need?
We walked across the spill way of the dam to dinner.  The spilling water looks so pretty.
I snapped a picture of a snapping turtle sunning himself on a rock.
My dinner was fresh pickerel.  It tasted as if it had been caught today.

Tomorrow, we will go to Peterborough.  We will stay there Saturday and Sunday night to prepare for doing the Peterborough Lift Lock.  It has two pans that alternate taking you up or down over the water.  We are told it is quite an experience.

Lat 44 degrees 18.51 North
Long 77 degrees 57.46 West.

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