Thursday, June 9, 2016

6/09 More high winds and a day in Brewerton

Who is cuter?
The day continued with high winds and the forecast for the rest of the day said the winds would stay high.  The sun was warm though the winds never let the air warm up.  You can see the wind in the trees across the river.
The wind is so strong there are white caps clearly visible in this picture.
So we did more chores, cleaning, etc.  We took advantage of the fine folks here at Ess-Kay Yards and had the oil changed on the engine and the generator.  The generator had developed a new squeak in the last few days.  The mechanic checked it and a bolt had fallen off and one of the belts was slipping.  It could have been bad in the immediate future but it is fixed now with new belts. 

I took advantage of the down time and got a mani/pedi.  I went to a nail salon very near Cicero North Syracuse High.  That is where our son-in-law Paul Reichert went.  I was glad I got there before school got out because prom is tomorrow night and when school let out the nail salon was flooded with students ready to get their nails done.  I sent Paul this picture of his old stomping grounds.
For dinner, Wood Creek Outfitters had been recommended to us by the all the folks here.  So we took the courtesy car less than 2 miles to this great place.  The food was delicious.  John thought their in-house made pretzels were the best he has had.  The salad we split was excellent with fresh greens including kale.  We split a pizza that was wood fired too.  Even the sausage tasted fresh.  We  took  our leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  John made a friend there and we took a picture.  Now tell me who is cuter, John or the bear?   I vote for John.
Tomorrow, we hope the winds will have died down and we will move on to Oswego.

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