Monday, June 27, 2016

6/27 Getting the head fixed

It rained hard last night.  This morning we woke to fresh air and sunshine.  It was much quieter here at Marina Del Rey as many folks had headed back last night to Toronto to work.  About 9, Dave, one of the boat mechanics, came to work on the head.  Soon, he was joined by one of the younger mechanics.  They fixed a few different things and flushed the vent.  It wasn't long until the head was declared healed.  We got a pump out and the wisdom was that we should wait until tomorrow when they will check it one last time before we leave.

Marina Del Rey is very peaceful.  I took advantage of the laundry and ran 3 loads, including the bedding.  After lunch, while John took a nap, I had a long shower, washed my hair and washed my bathing suit and cover up.  I love the hard choices of wardrobe and put on another bathing suit.  Back on the boat, I put my chair in the shade on the back deck and pulled out my book.  I had hung my bathing suit and cover up on the boat hook clothes line.  Our boat hooks are on the ceiling of our back deck and if I hook the clothes on the boat hooks, the clothes don't blow away.

So the only picture I have for you is my laundry, and the clouds and marina from my chair.  Life is relaxing.
When John woke up, it was back to work.  The list of chores is long.  We vacuumed the rugs, dusted the surfaces in the bedrooms and salon, cleaned the bathroom, swept and washed the hardwood floors, and washed the wood surfaces.  The boat is also our home, so we do so many of the same chores you would do on a cleaning day at home.

We had frozen pizza for dinner and it tasted pretty good.  It was a Canadian brand, I had never heard the name or seen the logo before.

It is cooling off tonight and the forecast is chilly.  Tomorrow's high is supposed to be only 63.  If the head is repaired, we will be on our way to Severn Falls.

Lat 44 degrees 34.61 North
Long 79 degrees 19.37 West


  1. Sounds like life is good and your problems are all in your head.

  2. Sounds like life is good and your problems are all in your head.