Wednesday, June 22, 2016

6/22 Five locks to Lovesick

It was another beautiful day, although somewhat cooler than yesterday.  This region is the Kawartha region of Ontario.  Kawartha Ice Cream is popular.  We passed many farms early in the day.

As we continued further east and north, we began to see rock outcroppings.  We crossed several small lakes.  The water was clear.  The geese and loons were visible on the lakes.  The lakes we crossed today were Kathchewanoola Lake, Clear Lake and Stony Lake. 

Many of the small islands had home on them.  One of the small islands had a church on it. 

We arrived at Lock 30, Lovesick Lock.  We locked up to the top and decided to stay at the lock wall here.  Lovesick Lake is unique because the  Lock is on an island.  Until the 1960's, the lock master would stay on the island with his family for the summer.  Today, the lock masters take a boat to and from the previous lock to work.  We were warned that raccoons are plentiful and to close the boat at night and make sure we don't leave any food out.  The lock masters told us they have not had any bears yet this season.  YET! 
The legend of Lovesick, is that a young Indian whose last name was Fawn was lovesick for a young Irish woman, Katharine O'Donnell.  His heart was broken and he came to the island alone in despair.  His family finally convinced him to come home, but the name Lovesick stuck to the island.

This is the spectacular view we have for the evening.  John has already seen two raccoons.

Lat 44 degrees 33.15 North
Long 78 degrees 14.38 West

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