Saturday, June 18, 2016

6/18 Rice Lake to Otonabee River to Peterborough

After I blogged last night, we went across the street from the lock wall dock for an ice cream.  It might have been the warm air, the almost full moon, or that sunset is so late, but that ice cream cone tasted delicious.  This morning we pulled out of Hastings, Ontario heading to Peterborough.  It was another perfect day with lots of sunshine, in the 80's, and a nice breeze.

This is the Trent Hills area of Canada.  Many Canadians have summer cottages and fish camps in this region.  Today is Saturday and we easily saw 1000 boats out fishing.  But the area is so big that no one was really close to one another.  They all seemed to have their favorite spots.
While crossing Rice Lake, we saw lots of fish jumping.  We also saw a sea plane but I wasn't quick enough with my cell phone to get the picture.
A large portion of Rice Lake borders the Hiawatha First Nation Indian Reserve.  The reserve is also bordered by the Otonabee River.  The scenery here is just so peaceful.
Carolynn and Tom on Su Sueno were just ahead of us as we entered the Otonabee River.  Everywhere you look the views are just stunning.
At the end of our day, we went up just one lock that was only an 8 foot lift.  We will be going through the Peterbrough Lift Lock on Monday or Tuesday and that is a huge lock where they actually lift you in the air, so I am pacing myself.

We arrived the Peterborough Marina.  We took on fuel and pump out.  When we checked into the office, the office had a gift bag from the Peterborough Harbor Hosts, Freya Petersen and Don Bennett.  Freya is known her jams.  We got some strawberry jalapeno.  I can't wait to try it.  The rest of the package was filled with information about the trip all the way back to the states and gifts, like a key ring that has a twonie replica, where the center rotates.  Don and Freya were walking the docks to meet all the loopers. They came aboard and shared some more knowledge of the area and answered many questions for us.  It was easy to see how giving they are and how they won the Harbor Host award.
Lat 44 degrees 17.78 North
Long 78 degrees 19.09 West

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