Sunday, June 12, 2016

6/12 A Sunday in Trenton Ontario

What would being in Canada be without a trip to Tim Hortons?  Only if you live in the very northern reaches of the United States, have you heard of Tim Hortons.  Tim Hortons is the Dunkin Donuts of Canada.  We had to go in and get coffee and a donut.  Yum.

The weather changed dramatically today.  We awoke to sunny skies and warm breezes.
By 9 am, the winds had changed, the skies became cloudy and the wind increased in speed as the day went on.  The Trent Port Marina was opened officially for business on June 4th of this year.  They have thought of everything.  They have 7 or 8 individual shower/rest rooms for boaters.  Each room has its own shower, toilet, and vanity sink.  It is like being in the finest hotels.  I never thought I would be taking pictures of bathrooms in a marina but here is one.
Thanks to the Internet, we don't have to miss out on Skyping with our granddaughters, Anna and Abigail.  So we got to hear about field trips and Shopkins today. 

The Catholic Church was only a short walk away.  As we walked toward church we chatted with Mary, a parishioner there.  After church, she sought us out to ask more about our trip.  We got to find out more about Trenton.  She agreed that we would like to see the National Air Force Museum of Canada.  We called a cab for the short ride there. 

It was located on site of the Royal Canadian Air Force Wing 8.  The museum was free too.  They had much memorabilia and a garden of vintage planes and helicopters.
The Handley Page Halifax that flew in WWII was impressive.  From below it was imposing with the bomb bay open, but when we went to the balcony, the wing span was emphasized and on the back you can see the gunnery.
I sat in a trainer plane from that era.  It was tighter than you could imagine.  The joy stick didn't give you too much room to move forward and the controls on either side you when you sit in it doesn't leave room for turning around.

For those of you who have seen the movie, The Great Escape, the plan to build the tunnels for the prisoners of war held at Stalag III was set in motion by a Spitfire pilot Roger Bushell.  Many were recaptured and were executed.  How the tunnels were made and the full story was demonstrated at the museum.

We took a cab back to town and had lunch.  After lunch as we headed back to the marina, we came across a concert in the park by the 8 Wing Concert Band, Pipes and Drums.  It was a memorial to veterans. 

It was a fine tribute.  But the winds kept increasing so we headed back past the Trenton Clock tower to the marina.
They have free laundry facilities at this marina too.  Good thing because we waited for the cab to take us back to town from the museum, we sat on a low wall.  A bird flew across and dropped bird doo-doo across both legs of my new white pants.  Time to do laundry.

We will wait out the winds one more day here, then head up the Trent Severn Waterway.

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