Friday, June 10, 2016

6/10 On to Oswego

It was a beautiful sunny day but chilly.  We headed west on the Erie Canal to the Oswego Canal, which is also part of the NY State Canal System.  You have to make a choice; continue west on the Erie Canal or head north on the Oswego Canal.  If you can't read the boat charts, they have a sign letting you know which way is Buffalo and which is Oswego.
John saw two eagles today.  I never got a decent picture of either of them.  The types of trees began to change as I saw many spruce trees.  My pictures just showed lots of green and were not worth showing to you.

We locked down in 8 locks today.  The one on the Erie Canal went down 7 feet and the 7 locks on the Oswego Canal went down a total of 118 feet.  One of the locks had an unusual set up.  As you entered the lock in the high water position, there was a bridge across the middle of the lock.  They had stop signs on the bridge, just in case you didn't realize that you couldn't fit under the bridge.
 But when the water was drained, it was an easy fit under the bridge.
Syracuse is having an airshow this weekend.  The Coast Guard told us this Army Helicopter was practicing some maneuvers for the airshow.  Good thing, because it felt like they were going to land on our boat.
When we got to Oswego we took a quick spin out onto Lake Ontario.  The Oswego Lighthouse looked battered in the bright sun. 
Oswego had been a strategic port in North American history.  Fort Ontario sits at the beginning of the Oswego River.  It was built and torn down and rebuilt by the French, the British, and the United States.  This picture was taken from out on Lake Ontario and one can see how the fort protected the Oswego River.
We walked into town for dinner.  I really liked these decorations on the street lights. 
On the way back to our boat, we saw the following boat name.  A screw is a slang term for a boat propeller.
Weather dependent, we go to Canada tomorrow.  Blogging may be sporatic while we are in Canada.

Lat 43 degrees 27.69 North
Long 76 degrees 30.61 West

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