Tuesday, June 7, 2016

6/07 down in two locks, across Oneida Lake to Wegman's

Off again for some new adventures.  Remember that we were at 420 feet yesterday, as high as you get on the Erie Canal.  Today, we had a chance to look back east to see where we had been.  I am so impressed with grandeur that we see everyday on this voyage.
As we have gone along the waterways, we see people working on bridges, tankers, trains, fishing boats, dredger boats, etc.  This morning was watched as the crew on this NY Canal boat started their day.
Today we went through 2 locks.  This was the first time we had "locked down".  It is a very different sensation to go into the lock when the water is high and then the lock master lets the water out.  Down you go.  When the water goes down, it doesn't swirl in the lock, so you go down much faster than when you go up. 

As we followed the Erie Canal to Oneida Lake,  along the shore were clumps of yellow irises.  They were in sunny spots along both shores and reflected in the water. 

A heron joined us for about 2 miles.  As the Hydrophilic came up next to the heron, it would fly about 200 yards ahead and wait for us to catch up.  Each time we came along side, it flew off again.  It was a truly majestic bird.
Periodically, along the Canal there are small dams that flow to the north or south.  At this dam, one could see the trees caught in the dam.  I loved the picture after that where you can see the reflection in the Canal water of the foliage and the water running after the dam. 
We passed a junction lock from the Old Erie Canal.  This lock has been made into dry lock now.
Crossing Oneida Lake was our next challenge.  The water was calm as we nosed out into the lake.  The weather called for pop up thunderstorms and increased winds so we hoped we would make it across the lake with fairly calm waters.  The shores of the lake provided a stunning backdrop.

We made the first half of the lake with totally calm waters.  Eventually, the wind increased and while we got some rain, the thunderstorms stayed to the north and south of us.  The lightening display was impressive though. 

We entered the Oneida River and settled into a dock at Ess-Kay Yards.  They have a courtesy car.  Many marinas have a courtesy car that you can take to dinner, to do a grocery shopping or run other errands.  We borrowed the car and had a early dinner.  Although Ess-Kay is in Brewerton, we ended up in the next town over, Cicero.  As it turns out our son-in-law, Paul Reichert, went to Cicero High.

For those of you that know western New York, you will not be surprised that we stopped in to get our dessert at Wegman's.  We will do a full shopping there tomorrow. 
Lat 43 degrees 14.37 North
Long 76 degrees 9.02 West

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