Wednesday, June 1, 2016

6/01 Into fresh water and Shady Harbor

Another beautiful morning and we got an early start leaving Poughkeepsie and heading North on Hudson. The lighthouses are different on this portion of the Hudson.  The first was the Esopus Meadows Light.
This light also marks the area where the Hudson no longer has salt water. It might not have salt water but the Hudson still has a tide.  The Kingston Light was eerie looking.  I thought it looked like a great place for a Halloween party. 
Remember a few days ago when we passed under the Tappan Zee bridge and posted pictures of the blue spans they were adding to the new Tappan Zee bridge?  Well, today we saw a huge barge and from our AIS setting we could see that they were taking this blue span down to build the new Tappan Zee bridge. 
SHHHHHH  be as quiet as you can be.  We passed under the Rip Van Winkle Bridge.  He might still be sleeping.  This is an area where time has otherwise stood still.  You feel like he could be sleeping just under that tree on shore.
The last light we passed was the Hudson City Light.  It was also very pretty.  Please note that lighthouses look much nicer when the sun is shining on them.
Our destination for the evening was Donovan's Shady Harbor Marina and the Boathouse Grill in New Baltimore on the Hudson. John got his first dip in a pool here. 
John and I had met the owner Brian in Norfolk, VA last year.  We had toured his boat and he gave us the t-shirts.  The t-shirts entitled the wearer to buy a drink and get another free.  There is a check box on the back that they checked as we were leaving.  Everyone here is so nice.  From the dock hands that fueled us up and gave us a pump out to Chef Brian and bartender Tim they were all so nice.  Everyone saw our shirts, and Brian the owner came to the pool to greet us.  We met Brian's daughter last year too and she was a member of the wait staff so we got to say hello to her too.  We were treated like royalty, but I think they treat everyone as if they are special.  Here we are at the Boathouse Grill.
On shore at the marina, it is amazing that you can smell fresh water, not salt water.  We won't be back in salt water for several months.  Tomorrow we go through the Federal Lock at Troy to the beginning of the Erie Canal.

Lat 42 degrees 27.04 North
Long 73 degrees 47.19 West

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