Wednesday, June 29, 2016

6/29 The Big Chute and Completing the Trent Severn

What a day!!!  In the morning we headed toward the Big Chute.  We expected to get in line behind many boats.  That would be a good thing because we would learn what to expect.  We got to the Big Chute and saw many boats who had spent the night on the starboard side wall.  They were all in still in their nighttime berths.  The blue line was empty!  We tied up to the blue line expecting to wait as other boats would be called in.  The locks (and the chute) open at 9 am.  The rail car began to move forward to submerge so boats on our side could get on.  Surprise!  They called for us to come forward and enter the rail car! 

The process is amazing.  Your boat goes into the rail car.  The boat is lifted on slings.  The rail car starts its journey up out of the water on rails that go over the land, including a street, and back down the other side into the water.  On the other side, the slings are loosened and you cruise away on your boat.  It was better than any roller coaster ride you have ever been on. 

The rail car comes over the land towards the water.

The rail car submerges.  Here we come.

The workers position slings to balance the boat out of the water
The ride begins.  As the rail car moves up the water drops away.  We are suspended in the slings now.
Looking down on the boards of the rail car
Looking forward in the rail car

Looking forward as we went up
Looking back on where we got on the rail car
John got this shot of the road we went over and the street light!
At the apex, beginning to go down.  AARRGGHH!!!

Almost back to water level

Looking back on the Chute with stairs for perspective
It was an amazing ride.  The entire time, I was saying, "Wow", "My Heavens", "Better than any roller coaster".  It was a once in a lifetime experience.

So with the Big Chute completed we headed for Lock 45 at Port Severn, the last lock of the Trent Severn waterway.  We have so enjoyed our time on the Trent Severn.  We learned about and ate many butter tarts, and tried poutine.  We docked at lock walls and terrific municipal marinas.
But, we are ready for the next adventure.  After this very tiny channel below, we entered Georgian Bay. We will do Georgian Bay and the North Channel before heading back to the States.
We are docked at Midland Harbour Town Docks for the July 1 Canada Day Festivities.

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