Thursday, June 16, 2016

6/16 A day in Campbellford

We slept with the hatches and windows open.  What a beautiful morning in Campbellford.
This part of Canada is known for its Butter Tarts.  They have Butter Tart Festivals, and Taste-Offs and even a Butter Tart tour.  Butter Tarts are flaky pastry crusts with a filling of butter, brown sugar, corn syrup, egg and vanilla.  Some add raisins and/or nuts.  For breakfast we headed to a local bakery to try a butter tart.  Yes, they are excellent and VERY rich.  But when our waitress brought our coffees, she told us the best ones were at a kitchen store, where the lady who makes them brings them in daily.  We checked them out and planned to go back for the delivery after 4 pm.  

Our next stop was the World's Finest Chocolate Candy Outlet, right next to the factory.  I remember my daughters selling this candy for fundraisers for school.  We bought some seconds and some dark chocolate covered cherries.  Another item that is hard not to sample. 
Luckily, we were walking around town, so we headed to Sharpe's Grocery, where they sell the locally made Empire Cheeses.  After purchasing some cheddars and Havarti, we headed to lunch.

We ate lunch at the Church-Key Brewery Pub.  John sampled two brews to choose his draft.  I had a cheddar and beer soup made with a Church-Key brew and one of the Empire cheeses.  That is eating locally!!

The town was incorporated in 1906.  Much of the architecture of the town is from that era.  The signage is of a recent vintage but the structures almost seem like a movie set.  Here is the fire station and the town hall.

Carolynn and Tom, who took our pictures in the lock the other day, pulled into the dock wall this afternoon.  Carolynn joined me to get the 4 pm shipment of Butter Tarts.  YUM.  I bought a dozen because everyone in town says they freeze well.  Might have to freeze then just to keep from eating them.  We did docktails with them, sitting on a picnic table in the park for a pleasant conversation on a pleasant evening.
Hydrophilic on the dock wall from the Campbellford Bridge
Tomorrow, we head for Hastings, six locks from now.

Lat 44 degrees 18.46 North
Long 77 degrees 47.99 West

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