Tuesday, June 21, 2016

6/21 Peterborough Lift Lock

We did it!!   How exciting!! We went up through the Peterborough Lift Lock.  Here  I am on the back of the flybridge.  You can see the back of the pan behind me and the gorgeous scenery.

There were a lot of boats locking through today.  But when it was finally our turn, we entered the  lock pan on the left behind this boat in the picture.

We entered the pan with 3 other boats.  Then they close the back door of the pan.  As you look up from the front and the back, it is really impressive that we are going to up that high and the other pan will come down.

The back wall of the lock towered above.

Looking up was amazing.  Unlike other locks, there is no swirling water and currents.  We tied off to the side of the pan and because the whole pan rises, there is little to do.  As the pan rises, you pass the other pan on its way down.

The views as you get to the top are amazing.  We looked over all of the Peterborough countryside.  It was exhilarating, exciting, and awe inspiring but amazingly, not frightening at all.  I still felt safe on my boat the whole time.

We locked through just five locks today and are at the top of lock 24 tonight with 4 other boats, 2 heading east and three west.  Another boater, John and I took a swim.  The water is in the 70's and comfortable.  A large clump of earth came floating by.  I had an extra small Canadian flag.  One of the other boaters, swam to the clump and claimed it for Canada.  Boaters have so much fun.

Lat 44 degrees 23.35 North
Long 78 degrees 16.15 West

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