Thursday, June 23, 2016

6/23 to Bobcaygeon

Another gorgeous day as we said good-bye to the Lovesick Lock and headed out to Lovesick Lake which took us to Buckhorn Lake.
The sun was bright and the seas were calm.  Because we were on the lakes, there were few locks so we were on the fly bridge enjoying the openness of the lakes.  Although the rock outcroppings are a little unnerving, they are well marked.  The rocky islands in the picture below are The Three Sisters.  We stayed in the channel and gave them a wide berth.
We went into Buckhorn Lake and the Buckhorn lock.  The statue at the lock looked interesting but it mostly faced away from the lock.
We wanted to tour Bobcaygeon, a well known stop.  Most of the city of Bobcaygeon is on an island.  This swing bridge is opened at the same time as the lock, so you pass the swing bridge with its flower baskets and enter the lock.
We found space above the lock and tied up just after noon.  Town is on either side of the bridge.  Bobcaygeon is the home of the family run Kawartha Dairy.  Kawartha Ice Cream is famous in this area.  For dessert, we headed for the ice cream store.  We were not disappointed.  The ice cream was excellent.  John saw the sign below and decided to take it to heart.  But first we had to go the Bobcaygeon Bakery.  It is on the Butter Tart tour list.  Of course, we had to purchase a half dozen more butter tarts.  Have I told you that butter tarts freeze well?  Good thing.
The town was settled in the 1860's and the Boyd family lumber mill had a lot to do with growth of this town.  The Boyd Museum is only open on weekends but I thought this stone gateway to the house was impressive.
At the lock is a lock keeper house.  It looks like a little gingerbread house.
Bobcaygeon and some other small towns merged into Kawartha Lakes in 2001. This building is not in use at the moment.
Bobcaygeon is known for its shopping.  Bigley's is a department store.  Instead of being in a tall building, it is located in 7 different small stores, one for men, one for women's and shoes, one for kitchen goods, etc.  They are very well known for their shoe collection.  I was really tempted but left without more shoes.  Sadly, there is so little space on the boat for shoes.
After resting, John and I got in the water.  John checked the prop for weeds and there were none.  That is good news.  I just took a quick swim and felt so refreshed. 

The downtown was an easy walk.  Foodland is the grocery store.  It was really good sized and had at least one of each item, although it might not be a brand I was used to buying.  It was odd to order 200 grams of salami. 
Other boats are lined up now.  Many are houseboats who are scheduled to return their boats tomorrow and visited Bobcaygeon as a nice last night stop.  Some will lock through on their way east in the morning.  John and I sat on the back of the fly bridge with a glass of wine and cheese and crackers.  What a perfect ending to a great day.

Lat 44 degrees 32.23 North
Long 78 degrees 32.82 West

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